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LIVEBOOK has an automated analytics editing system.

Development of Edit and Background Design DB Program Using GPS Coordinate Information

Using the Microsoft face recognition program

It's simple and quick to make your memories into albums and videos.

Livebook is working to make an album of the photos that you have.

Important photos with memories If digital devices were not used to it, livebook will solve it.

Real-time auto-editing background screen using location information is also automatically edited livebook with


Livebook makes your own album quickly and easily with pictures of precious moments.

Open your precious memories with the livebook.

Create a new story with happy memories.

Our LIVEBOOK will make new memories for our cutomers. 



Keep your happiness dear.

If you set up the picture on your phone for a certain period of time, you will automatically recognize the place you visited.

Your photos and background will be edited in five to 20 minutes to make it into a video or a book.

What do you

like about LIVEBOOK?

Using the Microsoft face recognition program


Using the face recognition program, you can create an album by choosing who you want to see-through album

Automatic Editing Using GPS Coordinate Information

※1,000 smartphone photos can be edited in less than 10 minutes.

It automatically collects photos taken at similar times and organizes them in order.

Development of background

design DB program

(patent application)

Using your own photos or GPS, you can build images of the location as background OB.

You can edit unique pictures that are different from the original picture background by building a background design in DB that matches the field view of the place where the pictures were taken.


Just take care of it all you like.

You can't just take pictures that you can't organize by time using the location base.
A photorealistic photo-editing solution.

Auto-analysis of pictures by time

Photos in the same time zone are often in the same place, so you can use the system to shorten the selection of your photos.

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